Carolann Stoll R.Ac

Hello I am Carolann Stoll and I am a graduate of the school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto Ontario. I graduated in the year 1994 and I am the second-generation practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

I have been living on Vancouver Island since 1996 when I opened my first Nanaimo clinic.

My office specialized in Acupuncture and natural health and my work has been greatly supported by the interest of this community, so much so that it took very little time for me to settle in to a beautiful thriving clinic.

I love the practice of Chinese medicine, as it is the practice of very simple concepts towards health.

“ We are body, mind and spirit being held together by the life force called Qi, pronounced Chi. When this Qi is strong and moving we are well”.

Body and Mind is supported by this life force and all living beings have it at different levels.

We are by nature meant to be in wellness. When wellness does not present itself, you are in DIS-EASE. Your body is communicating its distress.

The job of a TCM health practitioner is to interrupt each individuals signs and symptoms… and help bring health back to a natural state of wellness. With the use of Acupuncture, herbal supplements, dietary direction and Tui Na massage Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner is in partnership with their client to get back to a place of living life powerfully!