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About Devon Hart, RMT

Hello and thank you for joining me!

My name is Devon. I am a practitioner, a student, an educator, a Dad and am grateful to be a part of so many wonderful people’s journeys.

After being ejected from a car that hit the ditch going 140kms an hour, I could not walk for 2-3 months. The soft tissue damage was so bad in my low back that I could not hold my own weight. I literally had to crawl around my house. Eventually I was able to walk with a cane for 6 months! I was 17. After a year or so of consistent, hard-work, I was whole again. I walked, I trained, I breathed and I counted my blessings that I was alive and had the tenacity to do what I had to do and that I had someone who cared enough and inspired me to do the work. 

Years later I connected with the one who guided me along my rehab journey. I became a personal trainer and inspired by my sage mentor, channeled into orthopaedic rehab. As a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES), I worked with special needs groups, taught movement in elementary and high schools, trained competitive athletes, and helped many others through their own healing. Even those who just wanted to be “fit” had some element of rehabilitation.

I believe in taking the time to understand someone’s capabilities and I believe in working to increase their capacities.  As an RMT I use manual therapy and I use movement to best provide for my clients. You can have all the manual therapy in the world but without movement, and conscious control of your body, no lasting change will occur.  For a more in-depth explanation of the techniques and modalities I use please check out my Services page.

My studies and my own self-practice have all been aimed at being able to give you the keys to your wellness. To work alongside you, educate you and cheer you on as we work through whatever is troubling you. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Stay strong!


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