About Carolann Stoll, RAc

Carolann Stoll, RAc is an acupuncturist in Nanaimo, BCCarolann is a graduate of the school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto Ontario.  She is a second generation practitioner who has been in practice since 1994.  Carolann has been living on Vancouver Island since 1996 when she opened her first Nanaimo clinic that eventually evolved into the current-day Progressive Healing Institute. 

Progressive Healing specializes in Acupuncture and natural health and Carolann's work has been greatly supported by the interest of this community, so much so that it took very little time for her to settle in to a beautiful thriving clinic and practice. Carolann enjoys sharing her love and practice of Chinese medicine with patients, as it is the practice of very simple concepts towards health.

“ We are body, mind and spirit being held together by the life force called Qi, pronounced Chi. When this Qi is strong and moving we are well”.

Body and Mind is supported by this life force and all living beings have it at different levels. We are by nature meant to be in wellness. When wellness does not present itself, you are in DIS-EASE. Your body is communicating its distress.


About Sugandhi Jordan Brown, RAc

Sugandhi Jordan Brown, RAc is an acupuncturist in Nanaimo, BCSugandhi graduated from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC.  Her sense of adventure and love of travel led her to spend her first year of practice serving rural communities in Nepal with the Acupuncture Relief Project. While in Nepal, she provided over a thousand patient treatments, mostly focusing on primary care, case management of chronic disease and orthopaedic acupuncture for an array of injuries, aches and pains. She also spent a number of months providing treatments in South India. Once back on Vancouver Island, her home base since 2009, Sugandhi spent a year working alongside Carolann before fully launching her own practice out of Progressive Healing Institute. 

Sugandhi's goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. Her love and passion for holistic health care is rooted in her exploration of qi gong, yoga and holistic nutrition in her teens. She spent many years practicing Qi Gong under the instruction of a 23rd generation TCM doctor from China.  Through her years in practice, she has witnessed first hand the impressive results that acupuncture can have and it is a great honour for her to get to share her knowledge and experience with the Nanaimo community. It is Sugandhi's intention to support you towards your best health, that is, a state of balance and wholeness. She works to not only treat, but to educate her patients about how their choices and activities can influence their health and wellbeing. 

Outside of the clinic, you can often find Sugandhi crashing around on her mountain bike, looking for old growth trees or a new beach spot or flowing through an asana practice. 

Both Carolann and Sugandhi are registered and in good standing with the College of Traditional Medicine Practitioners of BC (CTCMA). 


Acupuncture treatment by Carolann Stoll, RAc in Nanaimo, BC

Cupping therapy by acupuncturist Sugandhi Jordan Brown, RAc on Long Lake Nanaimo, BC

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