Essential to my holistic health

Carolann Stoll’s Progressive Healing Institute lives up to its name. Acupuncture treatments, massage therapy, Chinese Medicine – all have been personally transformative, as I have worked through grief, fatigue, energy imbalance, and wrist and knee injuries. Carolann’s attention to matters of the heart and the body and her deep knowledge about specific treatments have restored my body’s equilibrium on

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Letter of Gratitude

I remember walking into Carolann’s tiny clinic packing the baggage of a lifetime of overdoing just about everything; working, drinking, stressing, eating, worrying, but armed with a little hope that I was on a new path of awareness and healing. I had managed to cut out some of my more harmful habits but my body was still sore, tired,

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It is a powerful place of healing

My visits to the Progressive Healing Institute are a wonderful retreat from the everyday. Carolann and Jaye are welcoming and caring, and provide healing on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. They listen, allow time to discuss issues, and offer a holistic approach, mixed with professional integrity and much laughter. It is a powerful place of healing.