Letter of Gratitude

I remember walking into Carolann’s tiny clinic packing the baggage of a lifetime of overdoing just about everything; working, drinking, stressing, eating, worrying, but armed with a little hope that I was on a new path of awareness and healing. I had managed to cut out some of my more harmful habits but my body was still sore, tired, tense and stiff. My asthma and recurring sinus infections kept me in and out of colds and feeling lethargic.

I had taken some time off in the middle of a crazy work day to try “acupuncture” at the insistence of my wife. I admit that i still had some lingering skepticism about the practice but curious and ready to try almost anything to get better. The reception area welcomed me with its peacefulness and Jaye’s wonderful smile. After I had written out my list of aches and pains and concerns I was taken into one of the patient rooms and hopped into the overstuffed heated raised beds even more serene than the waiting room. I recall being told to take off my clothes and hop up and into bed. I was thinking “I haven’t had an offer like that since 1984!” I am hoping I didn’t say that out loud.

 Laying in the heated bed I felt some of the day ease away and by the time Carolann came in I was feeling very calm. She smiled at me, took my hands and pressed gently into the pulse line of my wrist and started to tell me things about myself and my health that I didn’t even know. I decided in that moment that I was in good hands, all I needed to do was to be open to her method of healing.

That was the beginning of an amazing healing process that has led me to a committed yoga practice, a better diet, a more mindful way of living and a healthier and loving way to treat myself. She has worked with my physical aches and pains as well as my emotional ones. I am confident in saying that Carolann is not only an accomplished acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner but is also a gifted and compassionate healer in the true sense of the word. All we have to is to be open.

Craig Hamilton

Always see this on my way in

“The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step+